Unravelling climate and glacier changes of the past to provide context for the future

Welcome to the Paleoclimate and Glacial Geochronology Group page.  Our research interests span a broad range of geological and climatological questions largely related to late Quaternary climate change, dating of glacial landscapes, and application of geochemical techniques. Together, we work with a number of paleoclimate archives including glacial deposits, marine sediment cores, and speleothems, and use statistical and physical models to help guide our research. Broadly, our work is primarily focused on understanding the interplay between climate, oceans, and glaciers, and is useful in placing modern climate-ocean-glacier interactions into a prehistorical context for understanding modern and future changes.

If you have any questions about our research or are interested in any potential student or postdoctoral opportunities, please reach out to Associate Professor Shaun Marcott (smarcott@wisc.edu) with any inquiries.  More information on applying to the Department of Geoscience at the University of Wisconsin-Madison can be found on the department webpage: https://geoscience.wisc.edu/.

If you are interested in supporting Quaternary Geology and Glaciological students and research at UW-Madison (Marcott, Zoet, Haseloff), make your contribution here.  Thank you!